Inhale Spring - Exhale Gratitude

Spring has arrived, and it is just wonderful. Now I can also do my yoga practice outside in the sun.

The energy I get from the spring is just amazing. There are so many new ways my senses are getting stimulated, and it makes my yoga practice so much better.

First of all there are the flowers that are blooming, new plants coming up, the sound of the birds and the smell of spring. What is not to like.

When I ground down in a seated position (sukhasana) before I begin my physical yoga practice I notice all of the sensations around me.

The sun is kissing my chin, the wind is touching my body and the warmth it brings. I just close my eyes and let it all in.

After a while I come back to my body. Imagine myself floating above my body, looking down. And I put my mind towards my breath. I feel the prana (energy) for each inhalation and the apana (leaving of energy) for each exhalation.

After I have grounded down mentally with the Spring. I begin with the physical part of the Yoga practice - The Asanas

I always like to begin my Yoga practice with sun salutations and finish with some deeper stretches.