Just a Thought

I went to a concert at a bar the other night.

When the band started playing, it was still quite early in the evening, and a few drunken people were dancing and socializing, but the rest of the people where quite reserved and did not dance.

But then the band had a break, and after the break the image had changed.

Now people were dancing and communicating with people, who were strangers to them.

And I thought to myself why is it that people need alcohol to start moving and to interact with each other.

Are they too cautious to move to the music, to be social with the people they are around?

It is such a shame that some people need alcohol to get a little looser.

What if we practiced more meditation and we got to feel more at ease, more calm and relaxed by one another without the need of alcohol at a party.

What if just a little bit of yoga meditation could make a difference?