Mindful Eating

When I am alone I practice to eat mindfully. It makes me more aware of being in the moment, feels great and it helps me to stay more mindful in other ways too.

The first thing and a very important thing I do are to put my phone, tablet and computer away from the table, where I am about to eat and be mindful. Because I wish to be stay present in the moment with what I am about to do ;)

I sit up tall, and I begin to ground down placing the soles of my feet towards the ground.

I take a couple of deep breaths to connect my mind and body.

Then I look a t my food, notice the smell, shapes, structure and colors of the food, and I embrace the energy that my body is about to receive.

When I begin to eat I first of all take my time. While I continue to breath deeply I chew the food slowly, and I notice an improved taste for every inhalation I receive, and I embrace it.

As I am eating while I am aware of the taste and my breath, I notice that I have a better connection between my mind and body, and I can more easily feel when I am full, and it comes naturally to me to stop eating when I am full.

I also get more aware of what I am eating and I do not enjoy preprocessed food as much.